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Infusion Care

Providing IV Therapy and PICC Line Services

Baystate Home Infusion & Respiratory Services serves Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut with IV therapy, enteral feeding therapies, midline and PICC line services and more.   Our team of nurses are certified in the use of midline and peripherally-inserted central catheter/PICC line.  These registered nurses work directly with a team of trained pharmacists to bring these specialized intravenous therapy services to your home.

Baystate Home Infusion & Respiratory Services IV Therapies

We offer a variety of home infusion and IV therapy options for our patients to receive the treatment they need. Our therapy options include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Antifungals
  • Antivirals
  • Anticoagulants
  • Biphosponate Therapy
  • Cardiac Inotropics
  • Diuretics
  • Enteral Tube Feeding
  • Gamma Globulin Therapy
  • Hydration
  • Line Maintenance
  • Line Placement (Midline, PICC line)
  • Pain Management (Epidural, Intravenous, Subcutaneous)
  • Steroid Therapy
  • Total Parental Nutrition

Learn more about our Nutritional Support Services

How can Baystate Home Infusion & Respiratory Services serve you today? You can contact us by filling out the form at the top of this page, or you can call and speak to one of our IV therapy experts or trained pharmacists at 413-794-4663.